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Humans are complex. Life is messy. And modern life is more complex and messy than ever before.

As a result, people are stressed out and confused. Most people are, even if they don’t know it.

We started GoodBadKarma to share what we know about how to understand life and how to be happy living it.ย 

We don’t have all the answers. But after being involved in wellbeing, meditation, mindfulness and self-development for so many years, after researching so much and putting things to test ourselves, we know some of what works and what doesn’t.

That’s what we share.ย 

What we talk about can be loosely grouped into these four areas, but you’ll find that, just as it is in life, everything is inter-related. . .


Learn helpful life hacks and wholesome habits that help you be happier.


Learn about your Mind, and explore meditation and mindfulness.


Learn how to keep strong and energized by protecting and nurturing your well-being.


Learn about the true nature of existence.

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Why We Share

In the relentless rush of everyday life, we often find ourselves swept away on a current of chaos and falling into habits and patterns of thinking erode our well-being and undermine our happiness.

But it all seems so normal because everyone else is being swept along and struggling, too.

So, I ask you to stop for a moment. . . and imagine a life where you are not struggling for air. Where you are not controlled by your bad habits or negative thinking. A life in which you have the chance to be happy no matter where you are, what you are doing or who you are with.

I want you to know that the key to unlocking this inner treasure IS within your reach — but to get it you must first make a decision to disrupt the status quo.

As the saying goes: If you want what everyone else has, do what everyone else does.” But if you want something different; if you want something better; if you want to feel better and BE better, then you must do what most others are not doing.

You must make an intentional decision to swim upstream, against the current of the modern world.


Learning how to replace bad habits with better ones, nurture your wellbeing, harness the power of your mind, and cultivate your spiritual self is the only way to escape the chaos and get from Where You Are Right Now to Where You Want To Be — a place in your Mind called Happiness. . .


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