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Most people  only know one way to find happiness: by getting what they want and getting rid of what they don’t want.

But some people know a different way. They understand that MEDITATION and MINDFULNESS can also give them peace and happiness. 

The problem, though, is that both of these types of happiness are only temporary — you are only happy when you get what you want, or you are only happy when you are meditating or remembering to be ‘mindful’. . .

Hardly anyone knows the secret to True Happiness, a happiness that is permanent, a happiness with no conditions. 

That secret is AWAKENESS

My two successful online Awakeness courses allow you to learn in your own time and at your own pace. In them, I show you how to better understand your mind, and teach you authentic meditation and mindfulness techniques so that you begin walking a path that leads to true Happiness — and in doing so completely transform your life.


The Secrets of Your Mind & Meditation

In this first content-packed course, you’ll learn how to meditate properly in the ORIGINAL way — the way in which it’s still taught in Thailand and South East Asia — but through a lens fit for understanding 21st century living, and in a way that responds to the needs of our busy and often stressful modern lives.

Using an easy-to-understand, relaxed, humorous, dynamic, engaging and media-rich method, Ajarn Sitang will guide you step-by-step through the beginning of an incredible journey that has the potential to COMPLETELY TRANSFORM your life.


You can learn this course on its own and you WILL learn a lot. However, it’s highly recommend that you watch The Secrets of Your Mind & Meditation course first, as in this second course there are occasional references to things that you will only know about if you have already watched the The Secrets of Your Mind & Meditation.

The references are most noticeable in the ‘homework’ after each session. You will notice that they assume that you know how to do certain techniques, such as Mini-Secret Meditations and Tranquility Meditation, which were taught in the first course.

However, it IS possible to follow the vast majority of this course’s content independently, so don’t worry 🙂

Elly N.

Sitang’s knowledge and expertise in this area is awe-inspiring. . .

Ian A.

An excellent introductory course to mindfulness. . . Thoroughly  enjoyable and very beneficial.

Carmel T.

The instructor was so genuine in her delivery and all of the material was easy to understand. I was so pleased I’m moving on to the mindfulness course next. Thank you Sitang Kirtland for sharing all of your wisdom.

Fiona W.

This course has opened my eyes to the power of meditation and mindfulness, and the transformative power it can have on your life. Knowing and practsing this is truly liberating.

Angie R.

A new and very helpful insight on meditation. I love the way she teaches the course. Just what I was looking for. Very happy with this course. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to know and do meditation.

Laura W.

Sitang uses simple yet effective analogies to explain things that can at times be very complex and subtle. 

Steve B.

A fabolous, no-nonsense, easy-to-grasp course on meditation that has a lot of depth.

Patricia K.

This was the best meditation course I have joined online, I learned more on this course than on others where I have been with the instructor in meditation classes. . . I love the idea of the mind being like a naughty little boy! I recommend this course.

Misty R.

This course has provided a great deal of information and is a beautiful expression of meditation. I highly recommend this course for anyone seeking a true understanding of meditation.

Chanitsiree N.

It was sooooo good! Thank you so much.

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