The REAL Secret to Reducing Stress & Boosting Daily Happiness

Mar 4, 2024

Secret Stress. . .

Are you a member of any kind of club? A sports club? An arts club? A social club maybe?

Whatever it is and whatever club it might be, I can guarantee you two things:

1. You joined it because you think it’s good for you and it helps you be happy.

2. You KNOW when you joined it, and you KNOW you’re a member.

That makes perfect sense, right?

But what if I told you you’ve unknowingly joined another club, a club that doesn’t make you HAPPY, but makes you SUFFER instead?

It might sound ridiculous. But it’s TRUE!

It’s called ‘The Free Suffering Club’ and most people in the world are members without even realizing it.

Let me explain. . .

Thousands of people standing in a crowd

Free Suffering

Our minds are experts at dealing with stress and anxiety, especially when it comes to things completely out of our control.

And those things happen all the time

Situations That Cause Stress

Here are some examples — there are plenty more. . .

  • Getting anxious and stressed in heavy traffic just before an important meeting, wondering if you’ll arrive on time
  • Worrying about the weather when planning outdoor events
  • Stressing about the outcomes of presentations you’ve given, exams you’ve taken, or interviews you’ve had for that job you really want
  • Dwelling on and regretting things you’ve already said or done

The list goes on (and on, and on. . .)

But don’t worry.

As I said before, you’re not alone because these mental acrobatics are default settings for the human mind.

They result in what I call “free suffering” – an unnecessary burden we tend to pile on ourselves by worrying about things we have no control over.

Two buckets, one red, one blue

Reduce Stress With ‘The 2 Bucket Technique’

Life’s tough enough as it is, so do yourself a favor and skip the extra stress.

One helpful practice for coping with stress and reclaiming mental calmness is categorizing life into two main buckets:

Bucket 1.    Things You CAN’T Control:

• Traffic • Weather • Others’ opinions • Past events • Future uncertainties • The environment • Politics • Economy • Almost everything else!

Bucket 2.    Things You CAN Control: 

• What you think • What you say • Actions taken in the present moment

It might seem like a simplistic breakdown, but that’s the brilliance of it.

Stress Management in a Simple Step

So, next time you find yourself slipping into stressing over something, take a moment to realign your perspective.

Ask yourself: “Is this within my sphere of control?” If it’s not, release it.

Focus on managing stress levels by redirecting your energy towards actions, thoughts, and words that you CAN control. 

Avoid the effects of Stress

Remember, the stress hormone can negatively impact your well-being.

Ongoing anxiety and stress can lead to minor issues, like headaches and muscle tension, but can also create more serious health issues.

It’s best to address the causes of the issues as soon as you can — then you can take purposeful action.

By embracing ‘The Two Buckets Technique’ and learning how to relieve stress effectively, you’ll immediately begin to enhance your overall health and happiness. 

Start Relieving Your Secret Stress TODAY!

My advice is to cancel your membership to ‘The Free Suffering Club”  RIGHT NOW! 

What are you waiting for?

Once you begin mastering the art of letting go and stop giving yourself doses of free suffering, you’ll witness how liberating it can be – and how happy that makes you feel.

[IMPORTANT: If you are suffering from ongoing chronic stress, make sure you seek the advice of a mental health professional (as well as practicing ‘The Two Buckets Technique’), as there may be other issues that you need to explore.]


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