Transform Your Meditation Mindset: Transform Your Life

Mar 11, 2024

Creating a Meditation Mindset

Picture this:

You’ve just embarked on an important journey, a journey which you’ll be making countless times in future — but to reach your destination you must walk through a huge overgrown meadow.

The grass there is thick and tall, and the terrain underfoot is uneven.

Each step feels like a small victory.

But as you progress, one foot in front of the other, things gradually become easier.

And when you have to make the same journey again, you find that the passage you made through the grass last time makes it easier still.

Eventually, the path is so well trodden that the journey to your destination is simple. . .

This is what creating a new habit should feel like, especially when it comes to meditation.

Creating a new habit is a lot like breaking through that initial resistance.

In the beginning, it feels awkward and tiring as you navigate an unfamiliar terrain, but as you walk the same path day after day, it becomes easier and easier.

Developing a habit is like transforming that wild meadow into a well-trodden, easy path — a path you can follow easily for the rest of your life.

Embracing the Meadow of Meditation

Let’s get one thing straight from the beginning: Don’t expect to achieve that Zen-like state every time you sit down to meditate.

Life, much like the meadow you’re navigating, is filled with bumps, twists, and turns.

On the good days, you might find yourself able to meditate for an entire hour, experiencing the sweet embrace of calm and bliss.

But on other days?

Well, your body might rebel, your mood may not be the best, and life might throw a curveball your way in the form of work problems, arguments, or just a general feeling of malaise. 

Setting Your Intention to Meditate

The key to success lies not in how long or how serene your meditation sessions are. It lies in your COMMITMENT to the practice.

Imagine a day when you’re not feeling your best.

Maybe you’re a little under the weather, or the stresses of life are piling up.

It’s easy to think, “I’ll skip meditation today; I’m just not in the right headspace.”

But what if, even on those tough days, you decide to sit down for just five minutes?

Or even just just two?

Keeping Your Commitment to Practice

In that short span, your mind might not find the peace you usually associate with meditation.

It might be a struggle, with thoughts racing and a million distractions. Yet, in those few minutes, you achieve something much more profound: You’ve kept your commitment.

You’ve upheld your healthy routine despite the challenges.

You forged that path through that meadow, one step at a time, even when the grass is resisting and the ground is uneven.

golden threads in a knot

Cultivating Your Commitment

Commitment isn’t just about building a new habit — it’s about cultivating a mindset of honesty and truthfulness.

When you commit to doing something, especially something as personal and transformative as meditation, you’re not just shaping your daily routine — you’re shaping your character.

This commitment becomes a thread that weaves itself through the fabric of your life, both in your pursuit of success and your spiritual journey. 

Strengthening the Mindset Muscle

Think of commitment as a muscle.

The more you exercise it, the stronger it becomes.

By committing to meditate regularly, you’re not only nurturing your mental well-being but also fostering qualities like discipline, resilience, and perseverance.

These qualities don’t just stay confined to your meditation sessions; they spill over into every aspect of your life and allow you to continue healthy habits during the most difficult times.

The Old Monk’s Wisdom: A Guide For Tough Times

I’d like to quickly tell you the true story of the old Thai monk, frail and sick, lying on a patient bed in the hospital corridor.

Most would see a man defeated by illness, but what they wouldn’t see is that, in the midst of his physical challenges, he engaged in walking meditation — with his fingers.

Despite the circumstances, he committed to his practice, adapting it to fit his current reality.

His story is an inspiring one; it’s also a testament to the idea that commitment knows no bounds, and even the toughest situations can’t shatter the will to meditate.

The Journey Within

In the grand scheme of things, the ups and downs, the good days and the challenging ones, are all part of the journey.

So, don’t let negative emotions distract you and pull you off the path.

Creating a new mindset is about belief in your own ability and embracing the process in full, understanding that creating a new habit is not a linear path but a meandering trail with its fair share of obstacles.

Each step, whether on the good days or the bad, contributes to the larger journey of your personal growth.

So, the next time you find yourself wading through that meadow of uncertainty, remember the commitment you made to yourself.

Whether it’s a blissful hour or a challenging five minutes, EVERY moment spent in meditation is a win.

The meadow may be wild and the path may be uneven, but remember that with every single step you strengthen your commitment to your meditation practice.

Because of that, what was once a challenging path transforms into a well-trodden trail, one that leads to a more mindful, authentic, and fulfilling life.


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